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Upcoming CF-EP1 Full Electric Platform
Designed  for multiple markets

This platform breaks from traditional OEM models, focusing on a software (and user) -centric approach that allows for ongoing enhancements and user-driven customization—essential in the ever-evolving landscape of vehicle technology.

The integration of low-floor design, Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, real-time data access, AI integration, Vehicle-to-Home (V2H), Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), exceptional range, best-in-class payload capacity, ample interior space, walk-through, easy ingress egress, and rapid charging capabilities represents a revolutionary leap forward for RVs, last-mile vehicles, shuttle buses, food trucks, bodybuilders and beyond.

This comprehensive suite of features, including our flexible battery integration,  promises to redefine the standards in these sectors and unlock new levels of efficiency, convenience, and performance


The Future begins Now!

Versatile. Modular.Innovative.    Software Defined Platform for multiple Market Segments


CF-EP1 Platform

Top and front customizable 

Open for Business: Design's in Your Hands!

This is your choice, too - it has got plenty of room and it can take a lot of payload

4.25 -4.8 tons, Range 'real'  400km/250 miles 800V system, 190 kW DC-fast charging, 6,595 mm length, curb weight 2,500 kg!More than 20 m³/706 cubic foot cargo volume

Glass Buildings


  Innovating the Industry  

We are pioneering an innovative electric platform with versatile applications across various market segments.

We listen carefully to the specific  needs of our customers and provide innovative and modular solutions 

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 09.14.18.png

Speeding Up

Reimagining the automotive industry's future: It's now or never

Faster Time to Market

At the core of our strategy is the recognition that development times and costs are paramount. We're leveraging proven components intelligently and prioritizing modularity to reduce both. Our plug-and-play approach is set to revolutionize industry standards, significantly cutting time-to-market.

We firmly believe that true sustainability necessitates designing electric vehicles from scratch. That's why we've engineered a new low-floor platform with front-wheel drive, setting the stage for a greener future.

Our protected packaging allows seamless integration of future technological advancements without the necessity for chassis redesign.

Accelerating time-to-market while maintaining flexibility for future innovations


Clean Environment, Safe and Easy Access

Last Mile operations and home deliveries, with

its multiple stops, have completely different requirements compared to standard vehicles 

The EP1 chassis combines the space advantages of a box truck with the excellent manoeuvrability of a cargo van and provides best of class payload capacities, further introducing new features in this class like a heat pump based thermal management system, to save on energy consumption and to increase the reach 

The In N' Out Concept

Every Detail is important. Easy access, easy in n' out, upright standing, walk through... 

The EP1 Low-Floor addresses the specific needs of Last-Mile, RVs, and Shuttle-Buses (no handicapped lift systems needed), Food trucks and more


Why CityFreighter

We think Different!

We are going to change the way commercial vehicles are developed, reducing time-to-market and costs

Our invaluable partnerships with tier 1 automotive supply chain partners exemplify the spirit of collaboration in action. We don't just talk about collaboration, we live it!

We will establish global assembly and distribution centres (GADC) in key markets. Volumes up, Capex down

CityFreighter Milestones


Incorporated in USA


Beta Version at ACT Long Beach 


Proof of Concept at ACT Long Beach


Start of Production(SOP)

CF-EP1 Platform

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 21.38.44.png

Innovating Further

Room to Grow  

The EP1 is just the start. We will innovate further. Have a look at our intelligent mobile hub. And there is much more to come

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