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Last Mile is our Passion 

 Individual Solutions for  Urban Fleet Operators     Modular.Customizable.Sustainable. 

CF1 Full Electric,
Designed  for Urban Deliveries 

Low Floor
86 kWh Lithium Ion Battery, Reach 150 miles
eAxle Front Drive
Heat Pump Based Thermo Management
Best in Class Payload Values

Class N2, 4,25 tons GVWR, payload 1,85 tons,
load volume 20 m3 (+) 

Class 3, 4,8 tons GVWR, payload 2.4 tons,
load volume 706 ft3 (+)

6585 x 2000 x 27oo mm (l x w x h)
21.60 x 6.56 x 8.86 ft (l x w x h)
Headpic WIX copy.png
Glass Buildings


  Innovating Last Mile Logistics  

CityFreighter develops smart and innovative transport solutions, to improve TCO, and to optimize the operational efficiency for drivers and the infrastructure  of fleet operators

We listen carefully to the specific  needs of our customers and provide innovative solutions 

CF1 Teaser T copy 3.jpg

Speeding Up

Reimagining the auto industry's future: It's now or never

Faster Time to Market

Development times and Development costs are the most critical. We are mainly using existing and proven components and methods in an intelligent way, not trying to reinvent the wheel. We are as well developing plug & play components. Modular is key. This will decrease development costs and time-to-market significantly, changing industry standards. Our belief is that reaching full sustainability can only be achieved by developing an electric vehicle from scratch. We developed a complete new low-floor chassis with front drive for that


Clean Environment, Safe and Easy Access

Last Mile operations and home deliveries, with

its multiple stops, have completely different requirements compared to standard vehicles 

The CF1 combines the space advantages of a box truck with the excellent maneuverability of a cargo van and provides best of class payload capacities, further introducing new features in this class like a heat pump based thermal management system, to save on energy consumption and to increase the reach 

The In N' Out Concept

Every Detail is important. Easy access, easy in n' out, upright standing, walk through... 

The CF1 addresses the specific needs of the delivery industry


Why CityFreighter

We think Different!

We are going to change the way how commercial vehicles are built and distributed. 

We will establish global assembly and distribution centres (GADC) in key markets. Volumes up, Capex down

CityFreighter Milestones


Incorporated in USA


Beta Version at ACT Long Beach 


Proof of Concept at ACT Long Beach


Start of Production (SOP)


Innovating Further

Room to Grow  

The CF1 is just the start. We will innovate further. Have a look at our intelligent mobile hub. And there is much more to come

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